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We specialize in creating unique and creative artistic concepts for clients from various industries. Use our services to surprise your audience with original graphic designs.


Our studio offers both traditional and computer animation, which allows us to create unique projects for unique clients. With our help, your projects will come to life and will certainly attract the attention of viewers.


We create 2D and 3D animations, which allows us to adapt to customer expectations. Pencil, brush, tablet pen or mouse are the same tools for us. We are able to transfer any vision to the screen, regardless of its scale and complexity.


Our experienced specialists create story boards that will tell each client's story in a unique and engaging way. With us, your projects will gain a unique atmosphere thanks to a professional approach to creating visual stories.


Thanks to the animations we create, you will have the opportunity to see your footage in real life before the actual production. This will allow you to fine-tune every detail, save time and costs on later corrections.


Our company offers professional film post-production, thanks to which we will hide the shortcomings, give the atmosphere and bring out all the details of the image. Gain the quality and atmosphere of your production.


Our animation studio works closely with experienced directors of various film forms, including animation, commercials and feature films, which gives our productions not only depth, but also exceptional artistry.


In our film editing studio, we treat editing as composing a piece of music, adjusting individual elements so that they create a harmonious whole and draw the viewer into the world of the film.



In our studio, we work with experienced illustrators and animators who create films animated using the traditional stop-motion method, as well as 3D and hybrid animations, combining animation with live shots. All our productions are works of art, in which we artistically tell stories that not only entertain, but also move and scare.



Animated and documentary films and series – we will comprehensively take care of the film for you, i.e. every aspect of film production, from good preparation, through organized shooting on the set, to advanced post-production.


advert projects

In times of dynamic development of the world, where the most important thing is the content, a thousand images can be replaced by one good advertising video. Use the potential of advertising videos in your business – movies, spots, music videos, virtual reality, promotions, tutorials. 

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