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“Detective Jollyhead” (“Detektyw Pozytywka”) is a project of animated TV series at the stage of development, based on best-selling children’s stories, written by Grzegorz Kasdepke. Our main character lives in a cheerful spirit. His little detective agency ‘’Rosy Glasses’’ is the main base of solving all ‘’criminal’’ riddles of the people from the neighbourhood. Children, who are frequent guests at ‘’Rosy Glasses’’, can always count on Detective’s help – he is always ready to solve even the most difficult riddles he stumbles upon. He is simply a detective who loves what he does, but most of all– he is really good at it! His intellect, and a potted cactus living on his window sill, are his only weapons in a fight against villains.
The series is dedicated to our young detectives (age 6-8) who are not afraid of standing up to a challenge which is solving riddles. Thanks to the simple language and violence-free episodes, even the youngest children are also welcome to take part in our detective adventure.
Each episode of the series will present a different ‘’criminal motif’’ associated with phenomenon and situations that are familiar to the young audience. Children will be able to follow e.g. a mysterious winter blast of the filled with water vase, where does the ‘’snow’’ come from in spring, or why cactuses don’t like to be frequently watered and how it may affect them.
Scriptwriter: Grzegorz Kasdepke
Project designer: Piot Rychel
Director of the 1st episode: Dorota Cieśla
Animation supervisor: Janusz Martyn
Compositing: Piotr Rogowski 
Composer / Sound: Piotr Kubiak / Playade 
Language: Polish / English
Production stage: development
26 episodes x 10′

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