A medium-length documentary about the courage of extraordinary people. They were called Cichociemni. 316 perfectly trained paratroopers. They came at night and were taught to “act” silently. Sent to the most dangerous tasks in German-occupied Poland, they followed the motto: “Win freedom for Poland or die”. On the night of February 15/16, 1941, the first drop of the Cichociemni took place in Nazi-occupied Poland.

A combination of an interview and archival photos with elements of animation. Presentation of the story of an individual hero – Major Aleksander Tarnawski and a collective hero – Cichociemni.

The film will also feature soldiers of the GROM Military Unit to answer the question: “Who are the Cichociemni for them?”

Director: Mariusz Wojaczek
Animation director: Janusz Martyn
Cinematographer: Mateusz Kawa
Stage of production: development
Language: Polish/English subtitles

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